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New Indian Express - Chennai

Dec 14, 2019  Omjasvin MD

Solid Waste Management to be taught in Corpn Schools

In a bid to sensitise and educate students on solid waste management, the city corporation has launched a new syllabus called 'Trashonomics' which will roll out from January 1. Initially this will be implemented in 50 corporation schools for students of class 7 and 8 and will later expand to all 281 schools across the city.

New Indian Expres - Chennai
Business Standard

Feb 23, 2018  Anjuli Bhargava

Trashonomics: How a crow can teach school kids to reduce waste footprint

If schoolchildren led the way with crackers, could they also lead the way with a better approach to solid waste management? That is the thought behind ‘Trashonomics’, an easy-to-read and illustrated booklet that explains, through the device of a crow - a bird which wastes nothing - how children can reduce their waste footprint.

New Indian Express

Oct 23, 2018  Ranjani Madhavan

Bengaluru-based Trashonomics wins international waste educators award

Bengaluru-based Trashonomics, representing India at the Waste Education Awards, won the first prize, beating Greece and USA. They were one of the shortlisted teams for The International Solid Waste Association Young Professionals Group's (ISWA YPG) 'Waste Education Award'.

Deccan Herald, Mysuru

July 15, 2018  Ravi D.


Neglect in processing trash, affecting economy

“Educating children from the school level about the ills of over-production of trash and the effects of not processing it properly will go a long way in securing the future of our nation. Especially, medical and surgical waste should be handled carefully. If all citizens do their mite in maintaining cleanliness, the civic authorities will supplement the good work in keeping our environs clean. Despite Mysuru city bagging the top positions in the Swach Bharath Abhiyaans over the past couple of years, there is much to be done to be truly proud about being citizens of a clean city,” Rajeev said.

DH Mysuru.jpg
92.7 BigFM, Bengaluru

June 18, 2018  RJ Shruthi


You know Economics but do you Trashonomics?


Seema Das


If we want to change our country, start with our young minds! A comprehensive look at the problems and attainable, sustainable solutions, presented in a child-friendly manner. With it's online support, any school can easily fit it into their life skills or application science curriculum to train a whole generation of future ready Swacch Bharati's.

Dec 12, 2016 

Varun Rupela

I enjoyed reading the Activities sections on the book. They are well thought out. Also, the number and size of the chapters seems perfect to absorb and I imagine easy for kids to remember. Loved the Kaagey that conveys the messages !!

Aug 3, 2016

Valli Srinivasan

A must for every kid. Traces origin and end of every kind of trash we generate.
This book will help to make each kid responsible for his/her trash through interesting activities

Jul 11, 2016


'Trashonomics' - a simple guide for Solid Waste Management, is a well researched, superbly illustrated, and informative book, that parents and teachers can use to instruct their wards on the importance of taking responsibility for one's own waste.
SWMRT has done a fantastic job of getting the facts across, while keeping the reader's interest. Although the book is written for children, it's a great resource to educate adults too.
'Transhonomics' is a must-have in every school's curriculum! ...

June 26, 2016

Dr. Lata Ghanshamnani

A need of the hour book for our younger generation.
Simple,attractive and informative content presented in a enjoyable manner for easy understanding .
Facts and data pertaining to daily life helps connect the reader to practical implementation.
A total 5 star value addition book for any school curriculum.

June 26, 2016

Arun Srinivasan

A brilliant book. A must read for all kids in Bangalore and similar cities. ... Given this comes from folks in the SWMRT, there was never a doubt about the depth of content, but more importantly the book doesnt lose focus on the target audience - kids. The fonts used and illustrations are just spot on and extremely engaging.
Hats off to the authors and illustrators - I'd recommend this book to all - kids and their parents alike.

June 20, 2016

NDTV Banega Swachh India

Sep 7, 2017  Karanvir Singh


Trashonomics, A Book That Teaches Children How To Turn Waste Into Wealth

To see a clean India, we have to ensure that our children are honed with proper waste management skills at very young age so that they become socially responsible. That’s the ideology behind the compilation of the book – Trashonomics – a play on the words ‘Trash’ and ‘Economics’...


May 4, 2017  Sohini Dey

School Students in Bengaluru Are Learning All About Waste Management by Simply Reading Up!

In 1802, poet extraordinaire William Wordsworth wrote “the child is the father of man” in his poem The Heart Leaps up. Interpretations suggest that the poet meant that human beings are shaped by their childhood habits and learning. Indeed, the importance of a wholesome childhood education cannot be stressed enough...

All India Radio 

Feb 8, 2017  Rekha Pradeep in Kannada

Feb 22, 2017  Archana Kashyap / Claire Rao in english

Making Children Responsible Citizens Of Tomorrow By Teaching Them Waste Management

Trashonomics is a book that aims to empower children to lead the change and become change-maker. The book available in English and Kannada has 5 easy chapters with hands-on activities that will help children understand the concepts of waste management better. Trashonomics can be included as the supplemental chapter to Environmental Science and can be taught in a minimum of 3 sessions. 

Eartha Mag

Sep 20, 2016  Maya Kilpadi

Trashonomics teaches children how to turn waste into wealth

...while it is about trash, the book is about much else as well. Students are taken on a behind-the-scenes tour of how their waste travels after it is collected from their homes and the impacts it has along the way. They meet the people who collect and manage their waste and understand the hazards of the job. They are also acquainted with the dangers improper waste management

poses to animals and birds...

Indian Express

Aug 24, 2016  Claire Rao

Why I wrote a book on composting for children

...Trashonomics was launched by the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board on World Environment Day this year. The book is aimed at educating middle-school children with the support of  EVS or Science teachers in 3-5 sessions. We have started sessions in few schools ourselves and we hope to conduct a teachers’ training program based on the book soon...

Economic Times

Aug 22, 2016  Nirupama V.

What did you learn in school today? Waste management

"Colour the dustbin green for organic, blue for recyclable and red for reject: Leaf plates, soda can, used band-aids..." This is part of Trashonomics, a book published by city-based volunteer group Solid Waste Management Round Table, to create awareness on waste management

among middle school children... 

Deccan Herald

Jul 13, 2016  Niveditha Jain

A book that teaches kids the art of waste management

If you want to teach waste management techniques and solutions to your children in a simple yet effective way, then ‘Trashonomics’ book is the one to lay your hands on.

‘Trashonomics - solid waste management, a simple guide for children' aims at creating awareness among children on waste and, make them socially responsible...

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