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Conceptualisation and Content : Archana Kashyap, Claire Rao, Meera Nair
Illustrations and design : Sahil Kutty with the support from Smita Kulkarni
Support and guidance : The entire team of SWMRT, Kasa Muktha Bellandur, We Care For Malleswaram

Trashonomics is supported by 'The Anonymous Indian Charitable Trust' -

TAICT is an incubator and powerhouse for good ideas that create social change.

TAICT believes that collective action, with the right resources and leadership, can achieve great heights. It seeks to enable and empower individuals to improve the lives of Indian citizens by offering strategic, financial and legal support while maintaining a discreet profile.

Solid Waste Management Round Table, Bengaluru (SWMRT)  is a voluntary group of individuals, bringing their expertise as SWM practitioners, waste management solution & service providers, representatives of waste-pickers & waste workers, and individual activists, and collectively working towards the cause of sustainable decentralised waste management in Bangalore, since 2009.

A campaign to promote three way segregation with colour coding. It has been adopted by over 1 lakh households across Bangalore and in other cities as well.

It is now the Law in Bengaluru.

SwachaGraha is a Bangalore based campaign, seeking to communicate the key tenets of solid waste management, i.e. segregation of waste at source,  home composting and responsible waste management. The campaign also seeks to engage stakeholders, highlighting the importance of "No to landfills and Yes to growing Safe food",thus leading to
sustainable living.
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